Here at Warninger Chiropractic Clinic, we specialize in massage therapy to assist you with any pain you may be experiencing.
Massage therapy and chiropractic care complement each other. Both therapies work together, creating a synergistic effect that results in a much faster recovery time. The goal of massage therapy is to better one’s well-being. It does not just cover up the illness but rather ensures that the pain will not come back at a later date.

Massage therapy can be used as both preventive and restorative therapy. When used in combination with chiropractic it will assist you in reaching your optimal health so that you can live the life you want without limitations. Our friendly and helpful staff will work with you through any pain.

Massage therapy is great for recovering from physical injuries due to car accidents, work injuries, sports injuries, or a variety of other causes. The immune system is stimulated when it is massaged. By doing massage, your body’s natural energy is able to heal itself. There will be increased blood flow to the area that is being massaged which also helps healing.

The improved circulation will help decrease the pain and stimulate the nerves. Massage therapy is the solution to your pain. There are many different types of massage therapy depending on your specific needs. The Swedish massage is for relaxing the body. It will also help rejuvenate tissues and muscles. A deep tissue massage will go even deeper into the body to repair the damage.

Our new expansion has included new massage therapy rooms that are very comfortable and relaxing. Reba Norman, L.M.P. (MA 60055797) our licensed massage therapist is here to enhance your healing process. Call us today to set up an appointment.